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BlueWash UV 178

01 09 2018
State-of-the-art Wash performance for blankets and rollers with both LE(D)-UV and standard UV inks

LE(D) UV is a press technology using UV inks that are highly reactive compared to their standard UV counterparts.

The specially developed LE(D)-UV ink for these applications is not just a ”standard” UV ink with more photo initiators, it’s a completely new ink including new photo initiators and monomers. To meet the requirements of this new technology, (standard UV washes usually cannot keep up) a new automatic wash solution has been created.

The new BlueWash UV 178 is especially developed to excel in wash performance on LE(D)-UV/UV presses equipped with either EPDM or Combi rollers being one of the only few, for both compounds approved.

BlueWash UV 178 is ISEGA approved for food packaging applications, requires no safety labelling and is matching OEM directives.

Please refer to the product's Technical Data Sheet for more specific technical information and application directives.


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