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31 12 2013

Food compliant Press Chemicals

BluePrint Products NV offers a full range of fountain solutions, washes and auxiliary chemicals for...
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20 12 2013

Safer & Ecological Sheetfed Chemicals

Looking for a safer and more ecological sheetfed printing application?  Find the right product that suits your needs in a glance! 
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Drupa image 1
14 03 2012

Press information DRUPA 2012

Safety-label-free fountain solutions based on the innovative AquaPure™ technology that offer ...
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Eco Friendly
08 04 2011

DampClean ECO

BluePrint Products NV introduces DampClean ECO, good news for printer, the press, … and the environment!
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Paint dripping
04 04 2011

Ink Remover

Embedded ink residues? Ink Remover is a powerful yet ecological solution!
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