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15 12 2020

BluePrint becomes part of Langley Holdings plc.

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of  BluePrint Products NV by Langley Holdings plc, through its subsidiary DC Druck Chemie.

This combined industry expertise will further strengthen our product offerings and services to our customers and underlines the long term commitment to the sector from LangLey Holdings plc.


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05 11 2020


Modified IPA for lithographic purpose

This money saving solution offers a much lower consumption (roughly -60%) than standard IPA without losing performance on press.

It is optimized for use with conventional sheetfed fount! No need to change your current Fountain Solution.

In the chiller unit, your current dosing device can still be used for Ipafix, whether it is a digital or an analog version, simply lower the dosage to 40% of your current setting.

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Jacket Cleaner
01 06 2020

Jacket Cleaner

Powerful water based cleaner, save for use on all transfer jackets

In those cases, when a daily automatic wash is no longer able to remove persistent ink build-up in specific areas on the transfer or perfecting jacket, an operator tends to go for a more ”aggressive” manual approach to tackle his problem… often resulting in irreversible damage to the ink repellent top layer.

Jacket Cleaner is developed to safely remove all dried ink and/or paper dust without affecting the delicate surface and restore optimum sheet transfer.

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