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09 08 2023

BlueWash Combi 174

New premium environmentally friendly, combi UV wash free of 2- Butoxyethanol.

For those printing in UV and conventional application, having just one washing cycle BlueWash Combi 174 is an optimum solution.

This newly developed UV Combi wash is suited for use with all kinds of conventional and UV inks and guarantees a fast and efficient cleaning performance.

BlueWash Combi 174 can be used on NBR and Mix rubber materials.

It has been optimized for use on automatic washing devices and can be also used for manual application.

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09 08 2023


The new brandless version of FountControl is available.

FountControl offers a precise method to determine the fount concentration in the dampening process water.

It is an easy-to-use tool, which delivers fast reproducible results.

The test method is independent from contamination or the used IPA concentration.


Compatible with all common fountain solutions.


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09 08 2023

BlueFount SI 261

New sheetfed fountain solution for IPA-free printing.


For printers requiring highest health and environmental standards blueprint offers now a new sheetfed fountain solution for IPA-free printing.

BlueFount SI 261 is free of 2-Butoxyethanol and safety label free. The product is free from any warning symbols according CLP regulation on the safety label.

This new sheetfed fountain solution for IPA free printing is developed for use with all kinds of conventional and UV/LED-UV ink types and suited for all water qualities.

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05 07 2023

Updated SVHC List

Following a recent update of the "SVHC" list by ECHA, we hereby confirm that all of the raw materials used in our products are still in line with the offical REACH roll out scheme and that all of our BluePrint product are still REACH compliant. 
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