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DampClean ECO

08 04 2011
BluePrint Products NV introduces DampClean ECO, good news for printer, the press, … and the environment!
Getting the required press performance based on the most advanced ecological technology is not always obvious. Sometimes we are forced to use products that have a less favourable environmental impact because there is no alternative. Well now there is! To clean the dampening rollers on the press, until now, we have used highly volatile cleaners that remove ink and degrease the rubber surface in a fast and effective way. Nevertheless, due to its very low flashpoint, the product evaporates so fast that you always use more than needed, which is not very economical, is it? Moreover, such low-flashpoint products need to be handled with caution in view of fire risk and they return a fairly high emission of VOC’s.
Now there is a solution to overcome thsese concerns, namely DAMPCLEAN ECO! it is an environmentally friendly cleaner and degreaser for dampening rollers that is non-flammable and suitable for cleaning either UV, Hybrid or Conventional ink. You can use it on NBR or Combi Rubber-, Chrome- and Ceramic rollers, as well as Lototec (Westland) dampening rollers. It is not suitable for EPDM rubber rollers.