BlueWash Combi 174

BlueWash Combi 174

New premium environmentally friendly, combi UV wash free of 2- Butoxyethanol.

For those printing in UV and conventional application, having just one washing cycle BlueWash Combi 174 is an optimum solution.

This newly developed UV Combi wash is suited for use with all kinds of conventional and UV inks and guarantees a fast and efficient cleaning performance.

BlueWash Combi 174 can be used on NBR and Mix rubber materials.

It has been optimized for use on automatic washing devices and can be also used for manual application.

Blue Wash Combi 174 is approved for food packaging application and Fogra certified.


BlueWash Combi 174 is available in 25L, 200L and 1000L packaging.


For more specific technical information and application advice, please consult the technical data sheet.