Ipafix news item
Modified IPA for lithographic purpose

This money saving solution offers a much lower consumption (roughly -60%) than standard IPA without losing performance on press.

It is optimized for use with conventional sheetfed fount! No need to change your current Fountain Solution.

In the chiller unit, your current dosing device can still be used for Ipafix, whether it is a digital or an analog version, simply lower the dosage to 40% of your current setting.

For example: With IPA, your current dosage is 10 to 12%? Adjust the dozer to a value between 4% and 5%, switch the can to Ipafix and done!

More advantages, such as:

  • Less amount of IPA to be ordered or stored

  • Lower logistics and transportation costs

  • Savings in product consumption and in costs

  • Better printing results on color density and coating coverage

  • Considerable reduction of VOC-Emissions

  • Better for the printing room environment in general

You can download the Ipafix Calculator to determine your future consumption and cost reduction

Ipafix is available in 25L and 200L packaging.

Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet for more specific technical information and application directives.

For more product info, please click: https://blueprint-products.com/products/Ipafix


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