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Rubber Compatibility
Product Sheetfed Heatset Web Coldset Web Flexo Labelling NBR COMBI EPDM Remarks
Coating Auxiliaries
BlueCoat Cleaner
Wash-up and rinsing solution for water-based coatings
Fount Auxiliaries
Anti Foam
Effectively eliminates foam from the dampening water circuit
Fast-drying cleaner and degreaser for dampening rollers
DampClean ECO
Non-flammable dampening roller cleaner and degreaser
Rehardener for reverse osmosis water, optimizes water quality for printing
System Cleaner
Effective cleaner for the dampening water circuit
Low consumption, in average 60% less than current dosage
Ink Auxiliaries
Antiskin Spray
Anti-oxidation spray that prevents ink skinning
Maintenance Auxiliaries
AniloxClean X-Gel
Powerful Anilox cleaning gel for dissolving dried emulsion
Calcium Deglazer
Effectively removes calcium deposits and glaze from the ink rollers and blankets
Ink Remover
Powerful, non-flammable ink remover for manual use
Rejuvenator ULTRA
Superior, microemulsion rejuvenator/deglazer for manual use on blankets
Roller Paste
Powerful roller cleaning paste for removing embedded ink particles
Unicleaner ECO
Biodegradable, universal cleaner for the pressroom
DeepClean WB
Water-based intensive cleaner for rollers and blankets
Jacket Cleaner
Powerful water based Jacket cleaner, developed for use on all transfer jackets
Ink Remover ULTRA
Powerful ink remover for manual use
Antistat Spray
Lubricating, antistatic silicone spray for universal use
BlueWash Aqua+
Water conditioner for automatic cleaning systems
Effective cleaner & degreaser for films and foils
Roller Oil UNI
Protective lubricant for NBR/MIX/EPDM/PU rubber rollers running idle