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30 07 2021

Updated SVHC List

Following a recent update of the "SVHC" list by ECHA, we hereby confirm that all of the raw materials used in our products are still in line...
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15 12 2020

BluePrint becomes part of Langley Holdings plc.

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of  BluePrint Products NV by Langley Holdings plc, through its subsidiary DC Druck Chemie.

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05 11 2020


Modified IPA for lithographic purpose

This money saving solution offers a much lower consumption (roughly -60%) than standard IPA without losing performance on press.

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Jacket Cleaner
01 06 2020

Jacket Cleaner

Powerful water based cleaner, save for use on all transfer jackets
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01 11 2019

BlueFount SC 217

New economical conventional sheetfed fountain solution, matching requirements of todays “budget markets”
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